In the thirteenth century the kings of France seek to assert their sovereignty in Vivarais Septentrional and why, strive to gain the support of local lords. The 7 November 1291, Gérenton, Lord St Romain Valmordane, does homage to Philip the Fair of his castle of St Romain through the amount of an income year of all assets included in this tribute. By the same contract (paréage), Gerenton sold to Philip the Fair "adequate and proper" land for the construction of a city that will host a Royal Court of Justice (balliage) for all the High Vivarais. In 1294 Philippe le Bel grants the "villa nova Inceio" a charter franchise in which its inhabitants are exempt from all taxes and then (toll-size) except the salt tax (tax on salt) militia etc.… This location should increase the population increase. In 1368 the town will have to 11 royal notaries

But during the Hundred Years War (XIV, Fifteenth century) armed gangs looting the region; That is why it was decided to fortify the hill Boucieu. Part of the downtown will be demolished and rebuilt higher following a well-defined plan to serve as walls.

When the Hundred Years War ends, around 1446, the dust settles, a period of reconstruction begins. The people too cramped in these houses designed like most rough shelters, descend to the foot of the hill to build the city of Boucieu, as we see today, almost intact.

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