A unique location at the crossroads of worlds

At the heart of the Ardeche is a place where the animal, Nature and man are one. Historically, Safari Peaugres preserves the intimate connection.

Rare and protected species, Biodiversity, games and pedagogy : in 2011 more than ever, we invite you to discover the animal life and rediscover the natural instincts.

Authenticity, freedom, beauty : Our park is located in the respect for the values ​​we all share.

The Safari Peaugres there for you to experience these unique moments, off time, the heart of life.


Large spaces, Biodiversity, treatment : the animal takes you to the heart of environmental

It's all about wellness. Yours, the animals, can not exist without respect for nature that welcomes you.

This consciousness is not an obligation. In Safari Peaugres, it is obvious. The comfort of the animal and the human comfort both pass through unspoiled nature and specially designed.


4 continents 80 hectares : a journey to the depths of animal life

The largest animal park Rhône Alpes !

On foot, bus, by car, your park offers all modes of escape. You travel to Madagascar at the poles, you meet the most unusual species and caress our most familiar friends, such as farm animals. Africa, North American and Asian countries meet in Safari Peaugres.

In contact with the species and trainers, you find your animal side and go to the ends of the earth just a few miles from home.


Site officiel : www.safari-peaugres.com