One day in April 1879, returned from his daily round of rural factor, Ferdinand Cheval, which then 43 years, stumbles over a stone so bizarre that it reminds him of a dream gradually sinking into oblivion : a magical dream beyond imagination. This is consacrer 33 years of its existence to shape, night after night, a monument to stubbornness.

Independent of all artistic movements, beyond the limits of architectural technique, Palace is the perfect illustration of naive architecture and art brut. Defended by André Malraux, Palace was a historical monument in 1969. Ferdinand Cheval was the inspiration and homage of many artists from the current surrealist : André Breton, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Below de Saint Phalle ...

Each year artists are invited to the palace for an exceptional meeting. Artists and multisite “all keys”, painters, plastic, singular creators ... The work of Ferdinand Cheval is an inspiration as a challenge to the imagination, obstinacy.

Horse, Ideal Palace and music, What a unique experience to live for the public that the invited artists every year !

The Ideal Palace concerts are an intimate setting in the heart of lush greenery as Ferdinand Cheval built his palace in his garden. Seduced by the place of artists, the idea and the monumental work of Ferdinand Cheval. The opportunity to discover other lights in this unique work and enjoy a special closeness to the artist.

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