Vanosc, Ardèche village clinging to the foothills of the Massif Central, Museum welcomes you to his incredible to tell you the story of Joseph Besset.

Born in this village 1890, Joseph Besset will first learn the trade of wheelwright, here, Vanosc to the father Landy.
His desire to take the lead in 1920 bodybuilder beautiful cars on the chassis of the most prestigious manufacturers : Rolland Pilain, Talbot, Neighbor, Delahaye, Berliet, Rochet Schneider, Bugatti…
In the years 30, he launches into the body as, on frames of different brands. In 1937 he moved to the United States to buy the license “Gar Wood” and 1938 it runs on roads, the famous ISOBLOC, coach freestanding structure and rear engine, this technique, that son of a peasant ardéchois industrialized, is revolutionary in the 21st s ...
iècle the cars are still made according to this principle !

The little shop he built near Body Annonay in 1925, will become over time the SACA, OWN, Renault VI, and finally today : Irisbus IVECO ... Joseph Besset has done Annonay a European capital building cars.

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