Welcome to the world of balloons BALLOON & Co.

And if this weekend you decide to leave some land taking with you family or friends ?

This is what you propose Jean-Philippe Odouard and Gregory Béjat.

Nous organisons des vols en montgolfière to Annonay in Ardeche, home of the Montgolfier Brothers, and in’west Lyon only 15 minutes from downtown Lyon, for individuals, groups and businesses.

You want an original gift? Découvrez nos différentes formules de baptême de l’air en montgolfière. Offer the unique experience of floating in the air. Book a balloon flight for you, or give a gift ticket flight, valid 2 years.

Looking for ideas for high impact communication ? We also carry captives flights for festivals and fairs.

We offer quotes and 3D projects for the construction and operation of a balloon to your image, promotional tour, brand recall, ballooning in unusual places with images returned.

Balloon & Co., c’est l’aboutissement d’un projet de deux accros du ballon avec une même volonté, to share in their passion more.

Jean-Philippe Odouard, photographer, Annonay native and passionate ballooning since he has up his eyes to heaven, received his pilot wings in 1999. He participated in a dozen balloons gatherings each year throughout France but also abroad. Various countries such as Brazil, la Tunisie, Morocco,, Spain, England, saw pass Jean-Philippe in his balloon. Also with a taste for competition, He regularly appears in the 10 first pilot during Championships France.
The company told him during B2O 2 seasons promotion by balloon 2 films Pixar tel that The Incredibles and Chicken Little, etc.

Grégory Béjat, patented 2005, fell in the middle of ballooning at an early age, grâce à son père Franck qui fut l’un des premiers pilotes de montgolfière en France au début des années 70.

Depuis 6 ans il participe aux championnats de France, a intégré en 2010 l’équipe de France espoir et obtient une très belle 8e place aux championnats 2010.
Passionné par les vols montagne, il effectue chaque année, de multiples ascensions dans les Alpes, aux Carroz d’Arrache, les Saisies …
La Compagnie Air Petit Prince l’a formé et lui a permis d’acquérir une forte expérience dans le transport de passagers.

Désireux de faire partager notre expérience, nous vous ferons découvrir le ciel des coteaux du Lyonnais à 15min du centre ville de Lyon, ainsi que celui des Frères Montgolfier à Annonay en Ardeche, entre les montagnes du Haut Vivarais et la vallée du Rhône.

The balloon represents the symbols of our time such as ecology, adventure and self-transcendence and freedom. That is why we also offer businesses and communities, to associate their image with this type of communication.

Site officiel : www.montgolfieres-cie.com