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This site is hosted by 1&1 Internet SARL – 7, place de la Gare , BP 70109 , 57201 Sarreguemines Cedex France

Hébergement vert 1and1 :

  • Since the 1he December 2007, we cater exclusively for renewable energy. The electricity comes from hydropower in Norway from renewable sources has been certified by the independent TÜV Süd.
  • Our data centers and premises 1&1 on the site of Karlsruhe in Germany - where about work 1300 persons -, are powered by renewable energy.
  • In our data centers, we use hardware and software that allow us to reduce our energy consumption.
  • Our European customers now are guaranteed to participate in environmental protection by opting for a service 1&1.

Renewable energies and efficient energy management

Our data centers are supplied with electricity from hydropower in Norway. In this context, the energy we use from renewable sources is certified by the independent German certification TÜV Süd.

"The goal is not only to use clean energy, but also consume less energy ", Precise Henning Kettler, Board member 1&1. "That's why we use for some years very efficient power supplies with less 20 % heat loss, and give up some ancillary components for our servers.
More, from an external temperature of 10 ° C, we refresh our data center using chillers that use low energy consumption compressors. "

The choice of software also helps to save energy. En effet, 1&1 has developed its own based on a Linux distribution so that the resources of the server operating system to be managed more effectively.

The datacenters of 1&1 based in the United States are also supplied with green energy.

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