Welcome to ACROBOIS !

Located in the heart of the regional park of Pilat in the Loire, to 10 mn from St Etienne, 1h of Lyon and Valence, our tree climbing park will delight adventurers who have not too dizzy, willing to do the full sensation of.
Munis d’un harnais, a pulley ropes and carabiners, children and adults, find activities for all levels with Tyrolean, monkey bridges, nets Robinson, Tarzan ropes and a multitude of diverse and varied games.

Feel, fill up sensations !

Our treetop has a capacity of 250 people to welcome you group, en famille, between friends, or during a bachelor boy or a bachelor party girl.

All courses are accessible to children with no size limit or age. Children under 11 years must be accompanied by an adult on the course, except with equipment SAFEROLLER !

The Village of the Elves with tree houses and the golf initiation fill smaller from 3 years and up 10 ANS greatest (under adult supervision). Our baby space (Free) is available to parents with children 2 ANS greatest.

Playful, but also cultural, our forest trail has an open access nature trail and a cultural space in the trees for acrobats.

After exercise, comfort, Snack of the Acros, our cottage fast food will offer an assortment of pizza, hot dog, croque monsieur, pancake, Waffle, ice, hot or cold drink, etc.. We also have a picnic area available and bowling to end the day quietly.

Site officiel : www.les-acrobois.com