The’Ardéchoise is created in a bicycle race 1992. It takes place in the Ardèche and gathers annually more 14 000 cyclists and numerous volunteers.

The record enrollment was set at the twentieth edition 2011 with 15960 cyclists1. The Ardeche has held around 21 June and lasts until 3 days. Cette course cycliste se décompose en plusieurs parcours de durée variable : 1, 2, 3 then 4 days.

The Ardéchoise currently offers many tours. All departures and arrivals are all in the village of Saint-Félicien. The courses range from 85 to 647 km avec des dénivelés de 1 081 m à 11 067 m5. Until 2010, the short course of Soft faisait 66 km, but the path of the end of the loop was changed to 2011, the steepest and narrowest neck Buisson side having been replaced by the cabbage Lalouvesc. All routes form loops and have more or less significant difficulties.

The climb of Mézilhac, difficulty common to many golf Ardéchoise

The races are organized according 3 formules :

  • hiker 2,3 and 4 days
  • cycling in one day
  • Cyclo in one day

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