Located on the plateau of Upper Vivarais, the leisure Devesset Lake offers calm and relaxation at the edge of a lake 51 ha surrounded by conifers in the heart of a region touristique.Laissez you go to the scenery in this corner of nature where you can camp, picnic, you indulge in the pleasure of the walk, hiking, of mushroom picking.

You will enjoy the lake for a swim, water sports and many activities available to you.

The leisure Devesset Lake offers peace and relaxation in luxurious surroundings.

A lac 51 acres nestled in pine. You can camp, reside in wooden bungalows, picnic, you indulge in the pleasure of picking berries and mushrooms, enjoy the cool shade of trees or the pleasure of swimming.
The French Sailing School invites you to go sailing, windsurfing or dinghy.

In this natural area where the beeches grow, firs, Scots pine and other plant species, wildlife, landscapes, clean air and invigorating, all contribute to the well being of the visitor : he can indulge in the discovery of the, in many sports, cultural practice or just relaxing on the beach or in the shade of trees.

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