Welcome to space Zoological St-Martin-la-Plaine
Browse the shady paths of the Park, is to enter a new world in a thousand sensations. Face to face with a gorilla or a lion ! This is possible through our glass enclosure. Then, waiting to see our great apes and verify for yourself that they are our closest relatives, We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

This is 1971 Pierre and Eliane Thivillon decided to create a zoo. While growers in the village of Saint Martin la Plaine, they gathered injured wild animals found by residents. Given the number of growing animals and treated, the idea of ​​the park made its way and became reality :
the 23 July 1972, Space Zoological opened its doors.

On 12 has, discover 1000 among animals 120 species : impressive gorilla with fascinating Panthers through the intriguing snakes.

Some species are very rare and their reproduction in captivity is paramount. Coming observe, you support our conservation programs of endangered species.

The first animals presented were from the local wildlife : foxes, badgers, magpies ... Hill hosting the park was bare of vegetation and structures smaller.

Gradually, after many years of work, the park and the hill have changed profoundly. Vegetation gained ground and turned a bare hill in a lush garden : Araucaria, phoenix, bougainvillea, loquats japan, giant bamboo ...

Animals presented also evolved rapidly : the lion comes from 1er 1972, the first gorilla in August 1974, chimpanzees in 1978 ... The park is specialized in the maintenance and reproduction of primates ... It was still waiting 1995 to record the first gorilla birth ! Side structures for animals, cages (the first was 32 m2 !) were replaced by enclosure : one of the latest achievements is the large greenhouse gorilla, space over 2000 m2 for a volume of 30 000 m3 !!!

Today, the Zoological area is still developing and still, enlarging the enclosure, landscaping space, adorning the aisles of new plants, reproducing more and more endangered species.

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