Reception building to the river, the treadmill at the snack, Overall is an invitation to ride and practice of living water.

A water of twenty acres with a small stream at the end along the charming village of St Pierre de Boeuf and park.

A Place in a kayak or canoe several places.

The Babbling space and nature reserve on the island of Platière offer you the look beaver canoe. It is the discovery canoe protected banks of the Rhone and its famous inhabitants…
What to do in the evening, Family or friends.

Le raft se pratique à bord d’une embarcation pneumatique manié à la pagaie par plusieurs équipiers.
L’embarcation est insubmersible et très stable.
It allows beginners to access running water from the first strokes.

Pour le kayak, you can choose between a sit-on-top, without bridge and less binding in case of capsizing and a real kayak requires a longer learning…

In the family of inflatable boats, we also offer canoraft (hotdog), boat owes its nickname to its elongated shape.
It allows boarding 2 people.
Or we offer the KayakRaft (Airboat) for a person.

The section of the Greenway that passes the base was achieved by the Community of Municipalities of Pilat Rhodanien. This stretch of 10 km, of cylinder Dam St Pierre de Boeuf, integrates with ViaRhôna of Geneva to the Mediterranean. It extends into the Isère fifteen kilometers. Ideal for family walks.

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