A few strokes of fins separate oceans Lyon.
In a unique setting in the Rhone-Alpes, discover the world's fish, from European rivers to the Indian Ocean, of Africa to the Pacific, through the African lakes. 5 000 fish, 47 aquariums for nearly 300 species from the fresh and salt waters around the globe. Discovered a fun and educational, naturally captivating.
Newness 2010 : the shark pit, towards the island of Reunion. 450 000 liters of water, decor 8 meters high behind 100 m² vitrage ! Immerse yourself in a heavenly world to meet the black tip sharks, Coral, raies Guitares, stingrays and thousands of reef fish. Check out our exclusive new species of 2m, leopard shark or shark zebra.

With 4 presentation rooms : temperate freshwater, tropical freshwater, waters of seas, room 5 meaning and shark pit, embark on a breathtaking natural water experience !
Entertainment for all
Throughout the year, participate in our free events. Suitable for the whole family, they delight the young and old. Observe fish life by participating in our tours and learn their secrets. Attend the live animal feeding ! And come with new animations around the shark pit (comment, feeding and diving) ! Naturally fascinating, will leave you amazed by this aquatic experience.

Birthday Pack for 6-12 years.
This year, -celebrate his birthday at the bottom of the sea !
Your child invite all his friends 2 unforgettable hours. Accompanied by a moderator, children go to discover all the inhabitants of the aquarium and play a game that awakens their curiosity…

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