Welcome to Green Ardèche. The family-SAPET PRIAM welcomes you to their hotel smelling the Terroir.

Safari Park Peaugres

A unique location at the crossroads of worlds

At the heart of the Ardeche is a place where the animal, Nature and man are one. Historically, Safari Peaugres preserves the intimate connection.

Museum of Alembic / Distillerie Jean Gauthier

The Museum of Alembic
Over 150 000 visitors this year…
At the heart of the Rhone Valley in Saint Désirat, Museum of the Still of the Distillery JEAN GAUTHIER, recounts the history and charm of a vanished past, that of the itinerant distillers.

Canson Museum

Set in the birthplace of the Montgolfier brothers, Museum exhibits documents and animated machines. Introduction to making handmade paper and paper balloons.

Car Museum – Joseph Besset space

Vanosc, Ardèche village clinging to the foothills of the Massif Central, Museum welcomes you to his incredible to tell you the story of Joseph Besset.

Village : Boucieu King

In the thirteenth century the kings of France seek to assert their sovereignty in Vivarais Septentrional and why, strive to gain the support of local lords. The 7 November 1291, Gérenton, Lord St Romain Valmordane, does homage to Philip the Fair of his castle of St Romain through the amount of an income year of all assets included in this tribute.

Ideal Palace horse factor

One day in April 1879, returned from his daily round of rural factor, Ferdinand Cheval, which then 43 years, stumbles over a stone so bizarre that it reminds him of a dream gradually sinking into oblivion : a magical dream beyond imagination. This is consacrer 33 years of its existence to shape, night after night, a monument to stubbornness.

Candy, Saint Julien

Freshly installed Bourg-Argental, Julien candy of the team offers a full delicacies atmosphere.

Space Zoological St-Martin-la-Plaine

Welcome to space Zoological St-Martin-la-Plaine
Browse the shady paths of the Park, is to enter a new world in a thousand sensations. Face to face with a gorilla or a lion ! This is possible through our glass enclosure.

Aquarium du Grand Lyon

A few strokes of fins separate oceans Lyon.
In a unique setting in the Rhone-Alpes, discover the world's fish, from European rivers to the Indian Ocean, of Africa to the Pacific, through the African lakes. 5 000 fish, 47 aquariums for nearly 300 species from the fresh and salt waters around the globe. Discovered a fun and educational, naturally captivating.